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Answer questions- Business paper.

Some studies have also shown a relation between animal cruelty and human violence. Therefore, reduction in animal abuse can also cause some reduction in the violence among humans. There is a difference between the animals that are kept as pets and those that are raised for food. However, the treatment of the animals kept in farms and other places that are raised as food are entitled to a certain treatment. They are living beings and this gives them the rights of fair treatment, proper food and a good living environment. As portrayed by the film, a consumer wanting faster, cheaper food has altered the way chickens are raised. Is this a similar situation to the industry responding to consumer demand for cheaper products by hiring low-wage workers overseas? Why? Why not? I do not believe that the connotations are similar. Low wage workers that are being hired overseas are employed at rates that are lower than those that would be available within the country, however, for those workers, these wages are what are being offered generally within the country that they live in. the rates are not less than the average wage rate in the country hence, they are not been exploited and that the advantage of hiring them at low wages is generated through the technological advancements and the ability to work beyond the limitations of national boundaries. ...
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FOOD INC Do animals have certain rights? Explain. Should these extend to animals we raise for food? What rights should farm animals have? This is an anti-cruelty law in the US that ensures the fair treatment of animals and to control the inhumane acts towards them…
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