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Thesis example - the Turkish textile and clothing sector and the impact the elimination of quotas in 2005 had on the Turkish textile/clothing sec

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Finance & Accounting
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Table of Contents Chapter I Introduction 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Rationale for research 2 1.3 Significance of the study 3 1.4 Organization of the study 4 Chapter II Literature Review 2.1 Historical background of Turkey’s textile sector 6 2.2 Advantages and disadvantages of the quota system 9 2.3 Cotton fiber & yarns sector 9 2.4 Government support and regulatory institutions 12 2.5 Advantages in Turkey 13 2.6 Markets served by Turkey 15 2.7 Global repositioning 16 2.8 Strategic innovation 17 2.9 Summary of literature review 20 Chapter III Methodology 3.1 Research Philosophy 21 3.2 Research Phenomenon 21 3.3 Research Approach 21 3.4 Research design 22 3.5 Data Collection 22 3.6 Data Analysis 23…

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The world production is fragmented and dispersed around the world. The global textile industry is expected to grow to about 700bn dollars by 2012 from 480bn dollars in 2008 (Intexfair, 2008). In a liberalized environment while the sector is posing challenges it is also creating opportunities (Teonline, 2009). The sector has gone into a phase of transformation since the elimination of quotas. Competitors as well as consumers have entered the global market with the desire to grow. The chart below shows how the global consumption has increased over the years, thereby confirming the increase in demand: Table I: World Textile & Apparel Trade Source: Teonline (2009). The demand for clothing and textiles have increased as is evident from the per capital textile consumption chart given below: Table II: Per Capita Textile Consumption Source: Teonline (2009). ...
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