Honor based killings / self immolation and murder

Honor based killings / self immolation and murder Thesis example
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Fire Investigation in Honour Based Violence/Killings and Self Immolation cases- is the incidence/occurrence of these underreported in the United Kingdom? MSc Fire Investigation September 2011 Declaration ‘I confirm that this Report is all my own work and that all references and quotations from both primary and secondary sources have been fully identified and properly acknowledged in footnotes and bibliography.’ Signed.


The result often leads to honor killings or suicides which directly correlate with the violence. While the problem is recognized in the UK, it is often underestimated or does not receive the proper reporting to recognize the problem of honor killing by fire. This paper will examine self – immolation by fire in the UK. This will be furthered with an examination of whether this is underestimated in the UK, how it relates to minorities and what the level of awareness and dynamics are with self - immolation. By understanding self – immolation by fire in relation to honor killings and violence, there is the ability to create deeper awareness and new solutions to change the amount of knowledge and actions taken to stop the complexities of honor killings and honor violence in the UK. ...
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