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Introduction Food is something that is necessary to life, but it is not often easy to acquire all the nutrients required for health and longevity. This essay will explore an example of a daily diet and then use this to analyse each of the food groups and discussing possible improvements to the diet.


For example, the current UK Governmental recommendation is for an individual to consume at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, which an individual following the above diet would have achieved. It is also recommended that the fruit and vegetables consumed are not all the same colour, again something that this diet provides. Fruit and vegetables are one of the major food groups, the others being starch-based (pasta, rice, bread), protein (meat, fish, eggs), dairy (milk, cheese) and foods containing fat and sugar, although all are needed in different proportions (see diagram 1). Eating a variation of foods from these different groups is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the inverse is true – less than adequate quantities from these groups could lead to some serious health problems. Fruit and Vegetables As already discussed, the above diet would provide all the essential fruit and vegetable nutrition for the day. However, it is advisable to eat a wide variety within this group, and thus different combinations within this group should be used throughout the week. Starch The diet above includes three portions of starch – the breakfast porridge, the garlic and the whole meal pasta in the evening. It is recommended that starch in the diet should be whole meal and from complex carbohydrates. ...
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