Financial Services Coursework titles. Deep description.

Financial Services Coursework titles. Deep description. Essay example
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Running Heading: Financial Services Coursework titles Financial Services Coursework titles [Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Course] INTRODUCTION After the financial crisis that has disturbed the economic conditions around the world, it has been identified that there is a need for primary reform of financial system and this is the reason why many economists and financial analysts have re-evaluated the international financial and monetary system.


Many people have suggested several things; however one recommendation with which most of the analysts would agree is to go beyond micro-based approach to macro based approach (Galati and Moessner, 2010). This means that the approach needs to be changed from an individual perspective to the overall market perspective. In addition to this, it has been criticized that the role of financial institutions and financial regulations were insufficient in predicting and identifying such a major change in the economic condition of the country, at the time when the economy was going into recession. There has been a growing concern that a macroprudential approached needs to be adopted in order to make the economy more stable and strong. Macroprudential policy is defined as a concept in the banking regulation which defines about the financial instability in an economy and how these instabilities can be prevented through public policy. Analysts have claimed that a purely microprudential perspective is not satisfactory enough to maintain the stability of the economic condition. In place of this, there should be a macroprudential perspective in which the overall financial system is evaluated. ...
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