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The Yellow Wallpaper--a response Introduction Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote The Yellow Wallpaper in the times of great transition of women’s roles from the middle class in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century America. Throughout the the text, a strong feminist attitude prevails in the tone and theme accentuated by the main character.


The Yellow Wallpaper as Representation of Female Oppression The earliest seeds of feminism brought new changes to the lives of women. During the late 19th Century, they began to express demands on equality, along with the rapid industrialization and their inclusion in the workforce. Gilman’s short fiction reveals the restriction of women’s roles in the society. There are various things that the narrator sees within the yellow wallpaper, which are actually expressions of resistance for the unequal treatment of women in that time. According to Hume, “The Yellow Wallpaper" appears to be a text that simultaneously mirrors Gilman's ideological limitations as a feminist reformer, and symbolically moves beyond those limitations” (par. 4) The first time the narrator is in the room where the wallpaper is found, she just described it as a “particularly irritating one” (9). However, the longer she stayed in the room, the more fixated she becomes with the wallpaper. It is noticed that the intensity of adjectives used to describe the wallpaper increases. ...
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