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Performance Appraisal: A Workplace Dilemma Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Purpose of Performance Appraisals 5 Benefits of Performance Appraisals 6 Problems with Current Performance Appraisal Systems 12 Importance of Performance Appraisals and Measures to Improve Effectiveness 15 Discussion 18 Conclusion 20 References 21 Abstract All across the country supervisors have been evaluating their employees on a regular (annual, bi-annual, or on interval, etc.) basis.  These evaluations often become ground or justification for granting a raise, promotion, retention, or even termination.  In the case of termination, or denial of promotion, obj


  There is a high level of concern on the part of personnel managers to develop standard performance objectives since employees are increasingly resisting signing their annual performance reviews. It is difficult to develop valid measurements when the average job description is generic and responsibilities are often ambiguous. When supervisors are not clear about their expectations, they are often pressured to make unfair decisions about employees based on reputation and hearsay as opposed to a formal means of evaluation. An unbiased appraisal should be consistent with the established objectives. ...
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