How to Get More Young People in the UK Involved in Politics?

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With this letter, I would like to share with the fellow readers of your newspapers my concern about the current stats of affairs of politics in UK and disinterest of youngsters in choosing politics as a profession or involvement.


It is noticed that youth across the world, are interested in doing those activities, which they think are good for them and which give them the opportunity to call themselves as a “good citizens”. Some of these activities include voting, watching the news, party activism, sending emails to government websites, attending meetings in the town hall, volunteering, or addressing envelopes for civic organizations , to name a few (Banaji, 2008). However, in their effort to become “good citizens”, certain activities indulged by the youngsters such as distrust and dissatisfaction, (legitimate, as per them), as well as group anger, cynicism and unsanctioned protest are in direct contrast with the civic path they are supposed to follow. While analyzing the scenario prevailing in UK, one gets the feeling that young people are alienated from politics (Henn et al., 2002). The view held by some people is that it is a direct reflection of a wider malaise prevailing in the society. The study conducted on the youngsters and first time voters of UK, gives an impression that young people are definitely interested in political matters as they affect them directly. ...
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