Potential Rewards and Risks of Strategies for International Organisations - Essay Example

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Potential Rewards and Risks of Strategies for International Organisations

Planning and preparation of strategies for an organisation become very crucial as those, at times, determine the fate of the organisation.
Globalisation is the modern approach of business. Many organisations operate their business globally providing it with huge market to operate. In the present context, the strategies of an organisation are quite developed which mostly deal with the overall development of the business enterprise, generally focusing on the growth of the organisation, nationally and internationally. Strategies can be referred to the set of plans which are prepared and developed by the higher level of management of the organisation. This paper involves with the reasons behind the preparation and usage of strategies by the organisation. It also includes the means of strategies used by the organisations for their international operations (John & Gillies, 1996).
Reasons behind the International Businesses Usage of Strategies

Strategies are prepared by an organisation with an intention to deal with any unfavoured consequences, if occurred, in future context and so to grow the business in both future and present context. A well planned strategy helps to organise and to allocate the available resources of an organisation into a distinct and feasible position focusing on the internal competencies and drawbacks. Strategies prepared by the organisation are expected to anticipate changes in the environment and the moves taken by intelligent competitors (John & Gillies, 1996).
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‘Strategy’, in general words, can be stated as a plan or scheme made to deal with the situation which may occur in the future. However, the planning of strategies is not that simple as it sounds to be for the management of an organisation. …
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