Essay sample - The Financial and Economic Environment of a US website business targeting South African students

The Financial and Economic Environment of a US website business targeting South African students Essay example
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The Financial and Economic Environment of a US website business targeting South African students Contents Contents 2 Part 1 4 Introduction 4 Financial & Economic Environment 6 Analysis of Recent Events 7 Part 2: Responses to Chapters 8 Chapter 1 8 Chapter 2 9 Chapter 3 10 Chapter 4 11 Chapter 5 12 Chapter 6 13 Chapter 7 14 Chapter 8 15 Chapter 9 16 Chapter 10 16 Summary & Conclusion 18 References 20 Appendices 24 Part 1 Introduction This project includes an analysis of a new business opportunity in South Africa based on the financial and economic environment and trade relations of US-South Africa…


In the modern world the regional economies, cultures and societies have become integrated through FDI, trade, capital flows and migration. This transnational circulation of languages, ideas, technology and popular culture is known as globalization. USA has world-renowned universities where many students come to pursue higher education from many countries. The popularity of US educational system opens doors for many business opportunities such as online educational counseling services for foreign students. Figures 1 provides the pattern of growth in US educational sectors. Figure 1: Growth in number of Foreign Students in US 1954-2010 Source: (, 2011) The new business which has been started is a website named ‘Maneno Educational Consultants’ which aims to provide online counseling and assistance to the South African students who wish to study in the US universities and colleges. ...
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