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Essay example - The ongoing transformation of Thailand The last 100 years

Finance & Accounting
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A hundred years ago,Thailand was a struggling third world nation.Aside from the patriot's claim that they were the only nation that was never colonized by a foreign power,there is nothing else to boast about.In the years after the Second World War Danny Unger,quoting a World Bank source has this to say about the economic state of Thailand.

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In a report on Thai public sector developmental roles,the World Bank argued in the late 1950's that Thai government agencies worked without a guiding vision and that as a result state initiatives were uncoordinated and ineffective.The administrative apparatus was hobbled by tradition,hamstrung by status concerns, and short on personnel with technical skills; it lacked cooperation across departments and suffered from diffuse authority and responsibility.Thailand's did not forever remain mediocre.The same institution that lambasted her,suddenly heaped praises upon this Asian nation,again Unger states,"Thirty-five years later the World Bank was reporting that Thailand had registered the most rapid economic expansion in the world between 1984 and 1994." In the same book,Unger records what he discovered in the course of his research.The abilities of Thai public officials and the performance of Thai State institutions, for example, did improve during the 1960's and thereafter.Nonetheless,the more important story in Thailand is the willingness and ability of Thai state officials, beginning in the late 1950s,to encourage private investment. It can be said that from three major changes were made that contributed to Thailand's economic boom:1) Improved governance; 2) Improved Education for its citizens,and a change of perspective or letting go of the past. With regards to the third aspect mentioned by the authors as part of a national overhaul of Thailand's government policies,O'Reilly and Habegger explain the change of perspective concerning Thailand's Buddhist roots. ...
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