Business management: Customer Service Operations and Excellence

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Business Management: Customer Service Operations and Excellence Service Quality and Customers Satisfaction in Academic Libraries: The record of human experience and the intellectual and physical access to that recorded and collected in Libraries. In the academic libraries, the scholarly communications are preserved with great responsibility along with the primary resources which are usually based and dependant on scholarships.


The librarians are a lot more concerned about providing high quality service to maintain the goal of the parent institution of the library. The service issues that need to be improved in libraries include: Employees who instill confidence in users The employees of the library should make sure that the readers have the confidence in them and the material they are reading. They should create awareness amongst the readers about the books that are available and that they should be confident when they are in the library when picking up any book to read. Giving users individual attention Users of the library should be given individual attention in order to provide customer satisfaction. The readers should not wait for a chance to be given in order to make any query or even feel ignored in the library. Equal attention should be given to all the users of the library along with individual counseling whenever needed. This makes the customer feel more comfortable when he is in the library. This also ensures within the minds of the users that they are being valued. ...
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