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Thesis example - Menopausal Symptoms can be controlled, the Natural Way, with Vitamin D and E.

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Finance & Accounting
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Menopausal Symptoms can be controlled, the Natural Way, with Vitamin D and E Menopause is a milestone in the natural life process of women marking the end of the reproductive capability. Several hormonal changes occur during the menopausal period affecting women physically and emotionally…

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The symptoms can start to show up many years earlier (MedlinePlus). A Gallup poll of menopausal women conducted in 2002 revealed the four major reasons for medical attention as hot flashes (70%), night sweats (68%), mood disturbances (50%), and sleep disturbances (48%) (Utian, 2005). An estimated 75% to 85% of menopausal women experience vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats (Ohayon, 2006; Umland, 2008). The pathophysiology of hot flashes is uncertain but it is widely accepted that a dysfunction of the central thermoregulatory centers e.g., hypothalamus caused by certain factors might lead to hot flashes (Shansfelt et al., 2002). Diminishing level of circulating estrogen as a result of waning ovarian function during menopause is believed to cause a narrowing of the thermoregulatory threshold between sweating and shivering in the hypothalamus, leading to hot flashes (North American Menopause Society, NAMS, 2004; Mayo Clinic, 2009). Also, according to Mayo Clinic (2009), rather than low estrogen levels alone, it could be the withdrawal of estrogen occurring during menopause that causes hot flashes. ...
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