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Information Retrieval in Information Systems Critique of the First Article - Cloud computing, a computer network based on internet, consists of ‘outside’ or ‘virtual’ servers with various software applications. Through, a web based interface, the company can retrieve the needed information or data and utilize the softwares and other business applications.


The article after providing a brief background of the Cloud Computing technology, focuses on its evolutionary path. “This paper examines cloud computing in the context of other major changes in Information Technology (IT) and explores the revolutionary transformations and challenges it brings to IT management.” (Bento and Bento 39). The authors divide the evolution into six phases starting from 1970’s, when the IT systems in organizations got centralized, particularly regarding the financial and accounting information. They further delve into these phases by discussing how advancement in hardwares, softwares and most prominently Worldwide Web, led to the development of Cloud Computing. Discussion of each phase provides good information and appears to be the strong “phases” of this article. The next part of the article provides number of definitions for Cloud Computing and high number of definitions appears to be a slight weaker part in the article. Although, giving high number of definitions can gave different perspectives of Cloud Computing, the article has too much definitions and it occupies sizable part of the article, minimizing the other topics. For example, details about how one works in the Cloud has been given only in a minimal manner. ...
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