European Union Trade Law Essay title: According to the European Commission, "The free movement of goods is one of the success

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European Union Trade Law Essay Title: According To The European Commission, “The Free Movement Of Goods Is One Of The Success Stories Of The European Project.” Discuss This Statement From A Critical Perspective, Basing Your Analysis On Significant Case Law In This Area Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Background Discussion of judicial politics of the EU Court of Justice 4 3.0 Interpretation of ECJ’s General Provision on the EC Treaty 6 4.0 Case Discussion of the ECJ’s Verdict in Petition Related to Movement of Goods 11 4.1 Case C-8/74, Procureur du Roi v Benoit and Gustave Dassonville 11 4.2 Case of Creme de Cassis 12 4.3 Case of Keck 13 4.4 Case C-319/05, Commission of the Eu


The objectives of the union can be achieved through establishment of a common market that allows free movement of goods within the states of the EU. Although more than half a century has passed since the formation of the treaty, its notion of the free movement of goods is still in its building stage. The free movement of goods would endorse production efficiency because the entire process would make various countries’ producers compete directly in the open market. For the purpose of following the free movement of goods notion, the internal trade barriers that lead to discriminatory restrictions among the EU states should be removed. ...
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