how new media has changed the way in which individuals communicate

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Student Name Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University How new media has changed the way in which individuals communicate With the arrival of the new media, it has become pertinent to take charge of the essential elements that outline the very essence of communication within the time and age of today.


This paper discusses the ways and means through which the new media has been able to make its mark on the technological landscape and the leeway that it provides to the individuals to communicate with the rest of the world. The new media has sparked a lot of interest amongst the men and women in the present times. This has suggested for their immense growth and development amongst the related ranks. The need is to decipher the exact meaning of the new media before one moves ahead further. How this new media has manifested for immense growth and the related basis is something that shall remain in the coming times as well. With the arrival of the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the like, the world has become connected in the sheer sense of the word. The new media has made all these tangents come into the reckoning with one another and the possibilities seem endless all the same (Hammer, 1999). The blogs, podcasts, webinars, ezines, bulletin boards, etc. are just a way to get along with what’s hot and what’s in. It asks of the people to remain in touch with each other and be glued to their respective screens for a long period of time. ...
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