General Question about Human Resource Managment & Organizational Behavior

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Submitted By <Student Name> <Date> Introduction Study of organizational behavior gives an insight into the behavior of the people, individual and groups in the context of organization that is in the work place setting.


In addition to that paper will also discuss different types of on-job trainings and which one is the most commonly used by human resource managers. Organizational and Team Environment Organizational and team environment contributes to effectiveness of a team. The effectiveness of the team can be gauged through three measures. First is its ability to achieve the desired objective, second is the personal satisfaction and well being of its members and third is the ability to survive over a period of time which is dependent on the commitment of the people and the benevolent environment to operate. The model for team effectiveness organizes the factors that are responsible for team effectiveness into three categories. The three categories are organizational and team environment, team design and team process. Organizational and team environment in turn is determined by the following factors namely reward system, communication system, physical space, organizational environment, organizational structure and leadership. The organizations ability to secure desired resources determines the external environment of the organization. Organizational structure should support teams through delegation of responsibility and authority. ...
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