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Network Security Research - Coursework Example


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Network Security Research

Moreover, these authentication procedures initialize at random intervals (CHAP, challenge handshake authentication protocol). Extensible Markup Protocol is more advanced as compare to CHAP as it supports multiple authentication methods. One more significant advantage EAP has that it executes on the link layer without IP address. Consequently, it is designed to support its own operations for retransmission of authentication request and order delivery. Moreover, the mechanism of EAP is based on lock step protocol concluding that it will support only a single packet in flight. This directs towards a negative factor for EAP that is not suitable for corporate networks having bulk data transmission (EAP, extensible authentication protocol). Password Authentication Protocol initially sends a LCP packet in order to create communication on a point-to-point connectivity over the network during link establishment. After the establishment of the link, PAP or PPP provides an authentication mechanism, which is optional. The optional authentication mechanism is provided prior to the network layer protocol stage. Previous two protocols do not have an optional authentication mechanism. ...
Lastly, the third step includes a certificate authority that authenticates the identification of the certificate owner prior to the issuance (Secure sockets layer (SSL): How it works - SSL Encryption/https from VeriSign, inc.). Internet Protocol Security is “a security protocol from the IETF that provides authentication

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It is evident from the study that talking about cyber security, vulnerability is a security weakness; anything that can be harmed easily or destroyed effortlessly is said to be ‘vulnerable’. Every now and then new programs are developed and information technology managers are harassed by hackers as their systems are always vulnerable to external threats.
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What is security Why network security is important
In the context of network security definition, it consists of concerns related to network communication privacy, confidentiality of data over the network, accessing unauthorized classified data, access to prohibited network domains and utilizing Internet for concealed communication (Network Security.
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Network Security
Moreover, the zone also facilitates workstations that are configured behind the firewall to initialize request that are considered as outbound traffic to the DMZ. The functionality of DMZ is similar to a proxy server, as the workstations configured in DMZ interact with the public networks.
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Network Security
The functionality of DMZ is similar to a proxy server, as the workstations configured in DMZ interact with the public networks. Furthermore, the most significant advantage for a
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It is defined as, “Network of personal computers in a small area (as an office) for sharing resources (as a printer) or exchanging data” (Merriam-Webster, 2011). The computers in a network can be
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However, if he or she has been caused to experience intrusions and hacking act before, they will be acquainted with the risks out of need. In this scenario, getting
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This paper discusses security technology, firewalls and VPNs that can be used to make our system secure. Stewart (233) defines a firewall as a written program and a vital network component that screens the movement of information through a
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XYZ Invitation Printing and ABC Invitation Design have merged into A2Z Invitations Company. Prior to the merger, ABC, a virtual firm, hosts a proprietary website that enables its customers to carry out some preliminary work on its website; it usually consulted with a third party designer to perform for the end product.
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Questions in Network Security
These certificates are certified and issued by certificate authorities (CAs). The main function of CAs is to issue digital certificates. The other role of CA is to confirm the identity of the
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Especially the West African Region is facing piracy insecurities from hijackers and pirates. The roles and responsibilities of securing transport in the sea were being handled by the Navy (Sanders, 2014, p. 90). Regions that are
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and encryption over the Internet. Unlike SSL, which provides services at layer 4 and secures two applications, IPsec works at layer 3 and secures everything in the network. Also unlike SSL, which is typically built into the Web browser, IPsec requires a client installation. IPsec can access both Web and non-Web applications, whereas SSL requires workarounds for non-Web access such as file sharing and backup” (IPsec definition from PC magazine encyclopedia). Layer2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) as defined by the RFC 2661 was designed to facilitate dynamic tunneling on layer 2 within the packet data switching networks. L2TP illustrates a standard method for tunneling that enables connections similar to circuit to travel on one or multiple layers. Moreover, layer three operates on point to point and point to multipoint connectivity channels between locations of customers. L2TP also supports data encapsulation for multiplexing and de-multiplexing data transmission channels via nodes on the network (L2TP (layer 2 tunneling protocol)). Remote access protocols facilitate people to access a computer remotely by viewing the Graphical user interface. Whereas, VPN protocols provide security and encryption along with a dedicated communication channel. Risk Assessment & Analysis The first step will be to analyze borders of the network


Full Paper Title Name University Authentication Protocols The Challenge handshake authentication protocol is used to validate the identity of a computer, connection or a request on the network. The validation process takes place in the initial stages, when connection ‘A’ request to the connection ‘B’ for establishing a communication channel…
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Network Security Research essay example
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