Urban Nomadism - Tecno Nomadism - Neo Nomadism

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A logical area offering a shelter as well as an effective mode to communicate can eventually decrement the cost of frequent to and fro traveling of the executives to finish each and every assignment.


A nomadic life can give you every freedom you wish to access in life. There is no tension about office work, boss firing and other daily tensions. Driving out to the open road is not a mere imagination now and it has turned to be a reality with the technology favoring the aspiring generation. In this urban environment, an individual or a family has the right to choose nomadism as their culture and it is appreciable and acceptable in this mobile world. However, nomadic lifestyle is considered as an uncivilized way of living by the sedentary society. What could be the reason behind this? There might be different reason for people to switch over to this type of living style. Some of us consider the style during the retirement life, this is the time when we wish to be free from homely tensions and want to enjoy life. Another group of people are those who are homeless and have no other option than choosing nomadic life, also fly out to road. However, the case is different with modern nomads, who also consider about earning, living, saving as well as connecting to people along with enjoying the fun on being free. Nomads love to have freedom, fun and more space for relationships and want to stay away from day to day tensions. ...
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