System and Operations Management:Current Issues being faced by the Organisation.

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<University> Case Study :Achiff Snack Foods by <Your Name> Word Count :2821 <Date> <Lecturer’s Name and Course Number> Contents Introduction 3 System and Operations Management 3 Input Output Process Model 3 The Four V’s Of Operation 4 Volume 4 Variety 4 Variation 4 Visibility 5 Decision Making Hierarchy of the Firm 5 The Role of Systems 6 Pareto Analysis 6 Current Issues being faced by the Organisation.


The production lines as well as the warehouse facilities ran smoothly till that time. However the introduction of 8 different kinds of products has caused a lot of difficulty in operations and warehouse management. The company is also facing some problems with their logistics providers who fail to deliver the product on time. System and Operations Management Input Output Process Model An Input output process model may be defined as the graphical representation of all the factors that makes up a process. (Arora, 2004)This model describes all the materials and information which is required as input for the company, the various processes involved in converting these inputs into useful outputs and the outputs delivered as a result of the operation. The model represented above presents the input, output and process model for the company which we are dealing with The Four V’s Of Operation The 4 V’s of operations are volume, variety, variation and visibility. The study of these four can help a firm to decide what kind of operations need to be done by them. (Bamford, 2010) Volume Volume is concerned with the fact whether the company produces a few specialist items of a lot of items of the same type. ...
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