Interactive illustration in print media targeting children's market(under12)

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Interactive illustration in print media targeting children's market (under12) Introduction The twenty first century is marked by tremendous changes in the field of learning and education especially with the advent of new technology. It has revolutionized the field of children’s literature and the manner in which they approach the same, as any transformation in technology often entails children as the front runner in using and embracing such technologies.


Against the back drop of this information, it won’t be an exaggeration to state that the increasing sophistication of the digital market has captured a major share of the children’s segment, thus indirectly driving them away from the conventional medium of reading i.e. the print media. Furthermore, the development of internet, and the growing affordability as well as ease of home computing has led to a further growth in increasing the attractiveness of the interactive digital media. Children today, have a wide variety of options at their disposal in terms of reading and learning, with internet and interactive digital media forming a huge chunk of their modern childhood activities. Considering the immense potential and popularity of the interactive digital media, and the fact that it has now penetrated educational settings, the significance of interactive print media seems to have taken a back seat. However, the importance and credibility of the print media in revolutionizing the social and educational experiences of young readers cannot be completely written off. ...
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