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how children learn the sounds of their language

As we see it, there are several principles that underpin this question. These are: Language learning is a social process – In all societies children learn to use language in what Halliday (1975) terms ‘that little coterie known as the family’. From the outset children learn to speak as the result of being part of a social and cultural fabric. Halliday (1980) proposes that we ‘learn language, learn through language and learn about language simultaneously as we use language’. Language cannot be learned in isolation from others. As soon as children are born they enter the world they find themselves to be part of adult conversations. For the most part ‘motherese’ (see vialle, Lysaght & Verenkina 2000, p.74), is an extremely small part of the language children hear. The overwhelming majority of the language forms in the children’s immediate culture and environment is framed in adult conventions without any attempt to simplify. As parents and others care for the daily needs of children they chatter to the child, asking questions (‘who’s a pretty baby? Did you have a big sleep?’), they share family stories (‘Grandma’s coming today and we are going shopping’) and they use language that they neither expect the child to understand or respond to at this stage. Families include children in their language acts as they gather around their new offspring. ...
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Title: How children learn the sounds of their language [Author] [Instructor] [Date] Language learning is an active process that is shaped by the leaner’s interactions with others in their environment as well as learner engagement with their environment as well as learner engagement with their environment…
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