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Spss work and analysis - Coursework Example

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Spss work and analysis

The complete data is fed through MS Excel and converted to SPSS 16.0. Suitable tables are presented depicting the influence of each variable on unemployment. Regression Analysis: The regression is measure of functional relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variable(s). Here in this study, we consider the unemployment as dependent variable and the other variables such as real GDP, Net Export, investment and consumption as independent variables individually since the unemployment depends on all the other influencing and independent variables. The data is analyzed through SPSS 16.0 package and the procedure adopted is linear regression with all the independent variables taken individually. The real values are itself considered instead of log or ln of the variables since they showed more significant correlations better than that of log or ln of the variables and also many values are missing for log or ln of the variable Net Export since the original values are negative. The data is secondary data collected through internet from the year 1995 to year 2010 for 16 years for each quarter (totally 64 values). Table 1: Table representing the descriptive statistics of the variables under study Descriptive Statistics Variable Descriptives Value Std. Error unemployment Mean 1810.4688 45.87412 95% Confidence Interval for Mean Lower Bound 1718.7966 Upper Bound 1902.1409 Median 1675.5000 Variance 134683.840 Std. Deviation 366.99297 Minimum 1392.00 Maximum 2485.00 Range 1093.00 Skewness 0.748 0.299 Kurtosis -0.953 0.590 real GDP Mean 298521.3906 4084.62665 95% Confidence Interval for Mean Lower Bound 290358.9156 Upper Bound 306683.8657 Median 302297.0000 Variance 1067787189.480 Std. Deviation 32677.01317 Minimum 238611.00 Maximum 344809.00 Range 106198.00 Skewness -0.350 0.299 Kurtosis -1.189 0.590 Net Export Mean -5819.9062 657.69968 95% Confidence Interval for Mean Lower Bound -7134.2142 Upper Bound -4505.5983 Median -7470.0000 Variance 27684407.991 Std. Deviation 5261.59748 Minimum -13985.00 Maximum 4492.00 Range 18477.00 Skewness 0.596 0.299 Kurtosis -0.925 0.590 Investment Mean 28364.5781 665.84459 95% Confidence Interval for Mean Lower Bound 27033.9939 Upper Bound 29695.1624 Median 28858.0000 Variance 28374337.486 Std. Deviation 5326.75675 Minimum 17033.00 Maximum 45721.00 Range 28688.00 Skewness 0.090 0.299 Kurtosis 1.095 0.590 Consumption Mean 182284.2812 2985.04017 95% Confidence Interval for Mean Lower Bound 176319.1545 Upper Bound 188249.4080 Median 187349.5000 Variance 570269748.809 Std. Deviation 23880.32137 Minimum 137588.00 Maximum 213214.00 Range 75626.00 Skewness -0.468 0.299 Kurtosis -1.208 0.590 Table 2: Table representing regression analysis Independent variables real GDP Net Export Investment Consumption R 0.306 0.493 0.515 0.306 R2 0.094 0.243 0.265 0.093 Adj R2 0.079 0.231 0.253 0.079 Standard Error of the estimate 352.16 321.89 317.11 352.24 F 6.42* 19.89** 22.381** 6.39 Significance of F 0.014* 0.000** 0.000 0.014* Constant 2837.493** 2010.53** 2816.90** 2666.74** Regression coefficient -0.03* 0.034** -0.035** -0.005* Interpretation: From the above regression output, it is concluded that real GDP has a significant influence on unemployment (with probability ...Show more


Data and methods The work is pertaining to the regression analysis of unemployment over real GDP, net Export, Investment and Consumption individually. The data is related to the country UK collected as the secondary source for the period from 1995 to 2010 in quarters for 16 years…
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Spss work and analysis essay example
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