The use of Mobile Phones in Marketing

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Use of Mobile Phones in Marketing 1. Introduction A mobile phone or mobile, also called cell phone or hand phone, is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications over a cellular network of specialized base stations. The use of mobile phones in marketing helps to grow business by means of marketing using communications technology.


A majority of these text messages are personal. However, businesses – particularly small businesses – can use SMS to their advantage. However, the mobile is increasingly more versatile and afros diverse ways in which it can be used by business enterprises 2. Using SMS to Advertise If you have a new product, service, offer, announcement, etc, you can effectively target your customers by sending them a SMS. Most of the latest mobile phones allow you to send a single text message to multiple recipients. The only disadvantage is that many of these phones have a maximum recipient number of around 10 (at the very most). However, in older mobile phones sets, the message has to be sent to multiple customers by choosing and sending them one by one, which takes much time. However, messages can also be sent using the personal computer just as it can be done using a handy mobile phone. The messages can be sent simultaneously to multiple recipients by using software that is available freely n the internet. In this respect, this is similar to sending email messages by accounts like Yahoo or Google. This is particularly useful in case the mailing list is large. ...
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