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Mangosteen Remedies–Marketing Plan Mangosteen Remedies–Marketing Plan Introduction to My Company My company, formed under the name and style of ‘Mangosteen Remedies’, is in the field of manufacturing and marketing alternative medicines for chronic ailments such as asthma, arthritis, gout, and chronic allergies, which substitutes traditional medicines such as NSAIDS, salicylates, COX-2 inhibitors and many more.


Why Alternative Medicines Traditional medicines have a lot of harmful side effects and patient cannot consume it for a long time. Physicians prescribe the drugs for chronic diseases as mentioned above, which are mostly NSAIDs, to provide relief from pain. Although, they are highly effective yet they have severe side effects too. The worst part is that once patient stops consuming it, disease returns with a bang. They are only a stopgap arrangement and not a real cure in themselves. These medicines cause stomach cramps, drowsiness, diarrhea, heartburn, edema (swelling of the feet), nausea and much of the discomfort. (NSAIDs Side Effects) Moreover, NSAIDs pose a risk of causing stroke, heart attacks, clotting, and kidney failure, if consumed for a longer duration. The risk is associated with the amount of dosages. No one would like to have such risks and dependency on such drugs. If choice is available for an alternative medicine; it is for sure that patient would prefer switching over to a safer drug where there are no side effects even after taking medicines for a long time. (NSAIDs Side Effects) ‘Mangosteen Remedies’ produces medicines from rind of mangosteen and using many such herbs. Mangosteen is a naturally available fruit. ...
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