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Thesis example - How is the reasoning on the given issue adrift and how might that reasoning be approved? I chose the issue of Legalization of M

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Finance & Accounting
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Legalization of Marijuana Taking a supporting or even an opposing stance on a specific issue, which has equal pros as well as cons, will be a difficult task. That is, those types of issues will be controversial in nature and so taking either stance will evoke opposition from the other side…

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One side is against Marijuana legalization and wants it to be banned or abolished because of the negative impacts, it could have on the human lives. On the other hand, the supporting side views at the positive effects of Marijuana, particularly its medicinal purposes and how its legalization could save many lives and alleviate the sufferings of many people. However, if one takes the supporting stance and favors legalization of Marijuana, the reasoning seems adrift regarding certain aspects. At the same time, a stronger reasoning can be formed in favor of legalization. So, this paper focusing on the issue of legalization of Marijuana will discuss how marijuana can aid many suffering people, although there seems to be some adrift, which can also be covered with more stronger reasoning. People suffering from certain health ailments and pro-groups consider Marijuana has an effective treatment option. Although marijuana is harmful to the physical and mental health if it is misused, none is as tragic as the rejection of medicinal marijuana to many patients, who could have some of their physical and mental pain alleviated. Marijuana, commonly known as weed, pot, hash or cannabis is known for its intoxicating effect, often causing the individual to experience states of mental pleasure through a heightened effect of pleasure on the pain and sensory receptors. This is the reason why marijuana has been banned. ...
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