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The immune response

The macrophages engulf the pathogen entering the body and with the help of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) combine with the receptors on the T Cells. The type of pathogen entering the body depends as to where it would be taken by the antigen presenting cells. If it belongs to the group of viruses it would be presented to the CD-8 positive cytotoxic cell whereas if it is a microbe it would be presented to the CD-4 positive helper cells. The T Cells also have to be activated with the help of the lymphokines which are released by both the macrophages and t helper cells. The helper T cells produce lymphokines which further activate the inactive t helper cells and convert them to memory t cells which would be helpful in interacting with the pathogen on the second response. These lymphokines also help to enhance the MHC proteins on the antigen presenting cells and convert the immunological response into a broad spectrum of events. It is then that the T cells function by either delaying the reactions of hypersensitivity or by killing the infected cells of the body (Hall & Guyton 2011; Levinson 2008). B Cell Response B cells constitute an important part of the humoral immunity by secreting antibodies against the antigens. The response of B cells to antigen is kind of different as the b cells themselves do not act upon the antigens. ...
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Immunity T Cell Response The T cells and macrophages constitute the cell mediated immunity by acting upon the pathogens by themselves. T Cells are of two types known as the T helper and T cytotoxic cells. These T cells work in collaboration with the B cells to produce an immunological response in the body…
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