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1. a) Mud cleaners are used to remove particles of drilled solids that are suspended in the barite and fluid suspension. Usually a combination of centrifugal force by hydrocyclones, and vibratory screens are used in combination. Linear motion mud cleaners have linear motion vibrating screens.


Due to centrifugal force, clean mud overflows, and the waste particles (together with some amount of fluid) enters the mesh through the bottom outlet of the hydrocyclone. The vibrating mesh further sieves the unwanted particles out, leaving only the pure mud suspension to pass through it. Hence pure mud suspension is obtained. The efficiency of the mud cleaner and the range of sizes of the waste particles that may be sieved out, depends on many factors like cone angle, diameter of the inlet, diameter of overflow pipe, diameter of the bottom outlet of hydrocyclone, the fineness of the mesh, vibration characteristics of the mesh, viscosity and density of the fluid, density and size of the waste particles etc. b) The three components where angular motion is involved are: hydrocyclone, pump, drill pipe. Hydrocyclone Here, the centrifugal force that is a characteristic of a system having angular motion is utilized to separate coarser and finer suspended particles. In hydrocyclones, viscous forces are also produced by the angular motion. Because of the difference in densities of the suspended waste particles and the fluid, there will be difference in the centrifugal forces each of these subjected to. This difference in the centrifugal force is responsible for the separation of coarser waste particles and finer (required) particles that are suspended in the fluid. ...
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