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Phenomenology of Death

‘Entropy’ however, is a ‘constant’ which is preferred by individuals such as Stephen Hawking. As a ‘constant’ it’s highest expression is the ‘second law of thermo dynamics’ [Hawking, 1988: 99ff.]. It can be inferred that he is fairly familiar with the ‘history of the concept of time’, and as such, ‘entropy’ is one of the accepted constants in the universe by some contemporary physicists. The following is an essay and analysis of Heidegger’s concept of time in relation to the self. It will be argued that Heidegger’s concept of ‘temporality’, is inseparable from the concept of ‘finitude’ and ‘death’. Like the constancy of contemporary physics, ‘death’ or ‘entropy’ holds a special place in the heart of Heidegger. While temporality is invariably associated with finitude, the self, however, is problematic. For Heidegger, there is ‘authenticity’, and there is ‘Das Man’ [Gallagher, 1998: 117]. These ‘binaries’ have much to do with the concept of the self in relation to time in the following sense. Heidegger argues that ‘das man’ is ‘being towards death’ and is inauthentic as a result. Conversely, those who do not ‘act’ like ‘das man’ are in some sense authentic? This latter point will be taken up in the later half of the following analysis, and it is going to be argued that ‘determining what qualifies as ‘everydayness’ is a very seriously ambiguous notion. ...
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According to the accepted dogma of contemporary physics, ‘entropy’ is one of the more plausible ‘constants’ which we as humans are capable of knowing. That is, in contemporary terms. The history of physics by contrast, was much more secure through the ‘modern era’…
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