Gender differences in Business Leadership Style

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Gender differences in leadership Introduction: With the changing global context, and with women increasingly coming out of the shadow of men, more and women are moving into supervisory positions and becoming leaders. In general, they tend to be different kinds of leaders and conform more to a collaborative leadership style as opposed to the top down, hierarchical, controlling style of leadership…


Gelman et al have studied the differences between men and women and offer the view that while cultural differences may play a role, in general it is the differences in hormonal composition that makes them experience the world in different ways (Gelman et al, 1981:72). The lateralization of the brain is different between men and women, with women being able to transition more rapidly between the right and left side functions of the brain because the structure of the brain is such that men’s brains are more specialized and less well interconnected than women. Hence, women are able to use both sides of the brain more easily than men can. This has implications in terms of their communication styles of men and women. As Anne Campbell points out, because brain functions in women are spread over both the sides of the brain, “the female brain is better organized for communication between its two halves” (Campbell, 1989:90). The ease in shifting functions from one side of the brain to the other means that women are much more skilled in verbal functions as compared to men. ...
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