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Coursework example - Cramond report

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High school
Finance & Accounting
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Assessment Task on the Field Work Exercise on the Sedimentary Shore at Cramond Salinity was determined for 2 days Wednesday and Friday for the East (Sand) and West (Mud). East sand was found to be much more saline than west mud. The salinity did not vary much for the east in both days but the variation for was greater in case of west mud…

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The plausible reason for this could be differential deposition by the varied compositions of the shore water. Point Estimate Upper CL Lower CL Salinity East Wednesday 32.4 32.9 31.9 Salinity West Wednesday 21 24.3 17.7 Salinity East Friday 32 33.9 31.1 Salinity West Friday 25.2 28.7 21.7 Based on the nature of sediments present a large number of varied species could be present on either side of the causeway. An analysis of the number of species growing at both the sites on each day was also done to further enhance the assessment. The east sand and west mud were analyzed for macrofauna and lugworms. Macrofauna comprise of the shallow water communities that live on or in sediment, or attached to hard substrates majorly living in marine, estuarine or freshwater environments. Annelid worms, bivalves, gastropods, crustaceans, tunicates, and insect larvae are some of the most commonly encountered macrofauna in estuarine and coastal areas. Lugworms are present as coiled castings on the beach during low tides and are otherwise rarely seen as they dig into the sand. ...
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