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Title: Strategies to Improve Help Desk Services Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Help Desk Every organization faces problems with respect to their software applications and hence need guidance to resolve the matters. It is due to this need that companies create help desks in their IT departments to help the end-users with the obstacles in their operations and functions of the applications.


Over the years, effective strategies have been devised by researchers to provide the end-users with efficient resolutions to their problems. Some of the strategies have been discussed below: Physical Aspects Technology Used for Help Desk The foremost consideration that needs to be made to improve the help desk service is to analyze the type of technology that has been adopted in the respective department. Hoffman (1996) stated that the technology should not be too advanced or complicated for the personnel; the technology should facilitate their operations to become efficient, rather than complex. Complicated operations might prove to increase the service time for every customer. Ergonomics The ergonomics, i.e. layout of a help desk center also plays an important role in its effectiveness and management. Bayan (2003) explained that the layout and design should be able to facilitate team work; the employees should be able to communicate with each other in case of any query since every employee possesses his own areas of expertise. An employee might need help in resolving an issue in an unfamiliar area of expertise. ...
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