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Swarna1 Word count : 1286 Order # 534263 Dated 9th May 2011 ENGLISH LEGAL SYSTEM-2 - CASE STUDY English law provides enough scope for the innocent persons to protect themselves legally in cases of allegations1. In cases of road accidents, the law provides necessary safeguards to the persons who are injured but not responsible for the accident.


This in turn resulted in the job loss and financial erosion. Moreover, his friend John was killed in the accident. Peter faced more problem from his insurer as it denied the payment of insurance money for his car damage, hospital / medical expenses/ medical expenses of his wife Maria and compensation for John as claimed by Andrea, wife of John. John’s wife and Solicitors acting on behalf of other driver sent formal notices for contemplating legal action against him for his act of negligence. In addition, the Police have filed a charge sheet making him liable for manslaughter, reckless driving and driving with out negligence. However, according to Peter’s version, he was not responsible for the accident as the other driver was involved in faulty driving. Hence, according to him, his driving shouldn’t be treated as reckless. In several of the road accidents, the accidents happen suddenly due to mistake from other people during which one has little scope to escape. Moreover, there was no proof that Peter was driving recklessly and hence he shouldn’t be held responsible for this. The main objective at this moment is to protect Peter in cases of any possible legal proceedings against him. The insurance money should also be paid to him for which he should prove that he has not violated the contract law2. ...
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