Global Company Environment & Strategy

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Global Company Environment & Strategy 1. How the operations management strategy and issues changes during the life cycle of products/services offered by IKEA: In its early beginning in 1943, operations management strategy is simple and confined to the local operation.


Soon, true to its mission and vision, IKEA opened its first oversea store in Norway, followed by many other stores and distribution centres in many parts of Europe and the United States. Thus in 1990 onwards, IKEA embarked on a global operations strategy and put up more stores in UAE, China and other parts of Asia, Australia and even Russia. Today, IKEA pioneered the global market and successfully positioned the IKEA brand in more than 40 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia with more than 300 stores and more than 12,000 products in its product range. IKEA also introduced innovations in its stores by putting up IKEA restaurants and groceries to cater to the needs of its growing customers. All of this growth would not be possible without implementing strategic and global operations management that transcends national boundaries. ...
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