The Effects of Foster Care on Child Development

The Effects of Foster Care on Child Development Thesis example
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Developmental issues as emerging challenge in foster care Chapter 1: Introduction The effects of children development in foster care have been a great concern in the United States in the past decades. According to the Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD), “foster children have been faced with a number of risk factors including poverty, violence, abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual) and neglect” and “…they are at greater risk compared to other children whose experiences have not resulted in them being placed in out-of-home care…”(p.


The researchers found that children who were placed in foster care were more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems than those who were maltreated but stayed with their caregivers or other at-risk children, even when controlling for family income and functioning prior to the start of foster care placement. Length of time in foster care, age at placement, and number of foster care placements did not appear to affect outcome, just whether a child was placed in foster care or not. Foster care, although aimed at providing adequate and proper care for children, could be critical in their behavioral and emotional stability; the discontinuity of emotional connection for the biological parents and a weak foster care system could be the main reasons of such problem. Research Questions This research will look at several factors to determine, if any, what effects foster care contribute to children developmental. This research will focus on the following: 1. ...
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