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Mumbai’s Dabawalah’s - A World Class Service

This is the extent of the power and pervasiveness that modern multinationals have in our world. They dictate many of our choices in everyday things as well as specialized activities. As Annie Leonard has pointed out in her ‘The Story of Stuff’ (2007), 51 percent of the world’s largest economies are those of corporations (Leonard, 3). The case study of the Mumbai Dabawalah’s tiffin delivery service is an excellent example of human endeavour in action. Achieving accurate and fast delivery to over 200,000 hungry office workers every day is no small feat- and that too in an extremely fast turnaround time of twenty seconds of stoppage by the trains-to collection and reversal of the entire process after the lunch break, to reach the dabba home before the worker arrives at the end of the day- is nothing short of phenomenal. With just a code to guide them, the delivery is as unerring as Six Sigma or one defect in a million deliveries (Mullins, 326). Theme from Section A: Attracting and Retaining the Best Staff When it comes to a question of how to attract and retain the best staff, we have to look at the various theories of motivation proposed by different thinkers and writers over the ages. ...
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The evolution of systems and structures as well as a pattern of managing them is nothing short of a modern miracle of organization. Man has emerged from being a cave dweller and a hunter-gatherer to an owner and manager of the modern conglomerate, international enterprises of repute and distinction that are world renowned and household names in many countries all over the world. …
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