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There has always been array of ideas about the nature and habits of mankind. It has been found in history of mankind that the definitions of people in this aspect have been fluctuating usually over time, again and again.


Thus, one of the most important contributions of romanticists is the creation of the inner self. The creation of the deep interior is common among mankind. All of us have capacities or capabilities or habits which are built deep inside us in our consciousness. These capacities are neither so visible nor so prevalent that they can be understood easily. Deep inside us in the interior there is a major constituent known as the soul. It is this soul which created more value and charm amongst the humans thereby, portraying them as powerful holding the ability to accomplish many tasks. The romanticists believed that the inner self of people had great potential and it was this which they discussed. For the romanticists today, people should try to spread love and moral values should be upheld. One should try to find the meaning of life and should figure out the importance of human life. Lately romanticists have been on the decline and even though there vocabulary and ideas still exist their influence has mostly been from the sidelines. It has been the modernists that have taken over the position of the romanticists. Modernist ideas can be said to be a revival of the enlightenment beliefs of reason and observation. These relate to Darwinist ideas that there should be evolution and evolvement of the theories for its survival in the modern world. ...
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