Thesis sample - Chinese penetration of the LATAM market

Chinese penetration of the LATAM market  Thesis example
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In this paper we shall study the development of the relationship between China and the Latin American countries with a special focus on Brazil. Through a historical study of the foreign policies and the trade policies of the two countries we shall try to explore the reason for the development of the relationship. …


In this paper we try to see the impact of this development on the United States. At the end of the paper we shall try to address the question of the opportunities and threats in the short run as well as long run for both the countries as a result of this strategic partnership. The world in the last few decades has experienced a major degeneration of the old production relations and the consequent political ties. Free trade agreements and bilateral pacts characterize the trade pattern in a new global economy characterized by increased connectivity and interaction among the market’s diverse stakeholders. This integration of the markets has immensely benefited some countries while adversely affecting others. The adoption of the free trade regimes by some of the developing countries in the past few decades has resulted in an unprecedented growth in these countries. It has also led to a decline of the former dependence of these countries on the advanced countries and on international institutions like the IMF and the WTO.
A notable example of tremendous growth experienced by a country in the context of liberalization is that of China. The tremendous production capacity at the most advantageous costs has led the country on a fast paced growth trajectory that has attracted the attention of many of the developing countries while threatening the market dominance of a number of economic superpowers. For years China had remain closed to the outside world. ...
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