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Annotated Bibliography Ahrens, T & Chapman, C 2007, Management accounting as practice, Accounting, Organizations and Society, vol. 32, pp. 1-27. This book gives the details of management accounting as a practice. It also gives more information on management accounting practices.


Available at: . Anderson, DR, Sweeny, DJ, Williams, TA & Martin, RK 2007, An introduction to management science: Quantitative approaches to decision making, 12th edn, Cengage Learning. This book is quite helpful in the field of management accounting and the quantitative perspectives in decision making. The book has a great deal of citations proving academic value of wide content. The methods, calculations and examples in the book are accurate and simple to understand and can be used for real world cases. This text demonstrates how quantitative measures including labour costs, units produced and hours worked can be analysed and findings used for decision making. I will use this book to show how quantitative measures can be applied in management accounting mainly in budgeting. This book shows the relevance of quantitative measures in decision making and I agree with this concept. Available at: . ...
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