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Go to Select “Historical Statistics on Banking” then “Commercial Bank Reports”. Finally, choose “Number of institutions, Branches and Total Offices”. Looking at the trend in bank branches, does the public appear to have more or less access to banking facilities?


After reviewing the trend in banking branches, it is determined that there is a huge increase in bank branches then in 1934. Bank branches were very almost nonexistent in the 1930’s and increased as time went on. The increase in branches has shown a steady decrease in institutions. These increases and decreases show an overall increase in facilities. It seems that the public has more access to banking facilities then in 1934. There were 14,146 offices available in 1934 and in 2009 there are over 90,159. The trend shown for banking statistics shows that consolidating is a growing and continuing trend. This can be proven true since, almost every street in modern day America is home to a branch location. Some financial institutions house as many as 50 different financial institutions. This is good in a way that individuals can choose which financial institution to bank with. Despite the regulations that protect banks from failure, some do fail. Go to Select the tab labeled “Bank and Thrift Failures”. How many bank failures occurred in the USA during the most recent calendar year? What were the total assets held by the banks that failed? How many banks failed in 1937? In 2010 name the top three states where bank failures occurred. 2. ...
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