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Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach, a talented musician and composer, was much less known inter vivos than, for example, Mozart or Beethoven. But he was probably the first musician who successfully combined the best of Italian, French and German music traditions. He did not become well known to the general public during his lifetime and was forgotten in half a century after his death. Surprisingly, Bach’s fame has been growing through years and nowadays he is recognized as one of the greatest composers of all time. Interest in Bach’s music revived and these days it is much more popular than it was during the composer’s life. It’s a paradox, but the composer who has become old-fashioned soon after his death has started to become more and more popular over two hundred and fifty years, moreover, in modern popular culture societies.
Most musicologists agree that Bach’s music technique was brilliant and certainly better than the other great composers had. He was familiar with all the musical works of his time and used them perfectly. Nobody can compete with Bach in the art of counterpoint, when two or more different melodies are performed simultaneously. Bach’s creative works are admired for a diversity and conformity of orchestrations, clear expression of sounding themes and melodies.
Bach was a prolific composer. His works include around 300 cantatas, compositions of 48 preludes, 140 other preludes, more than 100 works for harpsichord, 23 concerts, 4 overtures, 5 masses, 3 oratorios and many plays. He wrote more than 800 major musical works in all. Being a deeply religious Lutheran, Bach wanted his music to be played in church and dedicated most of his works to religious music. ...
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This paper is to carry out at least a general research into the causes of Bach’s recognition, his influence on other composers and present-day popularity. He was probably the first musician who successfully combined the best of Italian, French and German music traditions…
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