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Full title Your name Name and section number of course Instructor’s name Date Part 1 Differences in public health are evident if we compare the residential provinces of whites and minority blacks in the United States. Cities that are occupied by negatively privileged minorities are found to be underdeveloped in several ways.


Cities with black minorities lack healthcare facilities. People of these areas are also unable to afford the healthcare facilities of these areas. People are deprived of good healthcare facilities. This makes them vulnerable to different types of diseases. Public health status is below average in these types of cities. Great healthcare disparities prevail in United States. Health status of the negatively privileged population is poor. Ethnic and racial minorities suffer great segregation problems in America. The African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans struggle to meet the medical expenses. They are comparatively more vulnerable to chronic diseases than the whites. This ill-privileged group has high mortality rate and negative health outcomes. The heavy racial and ethnic disparities in United States reflect in health care sector also. For example, cancer rate is found to be very high among the African Americans (nearly 25% higher than the whites). Other blacks, especially Hispanics, are highly risky towards diabetes. The black minorities who live in unhealthy environment are also vulnerable to various other problems like AIDS and infant mortality. Separate legal entities offer health care service in United States. ...
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