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Finance and Accounting Comcast Corporation: Business and Financial Environment (Name) (Tutor’s Name) (College) Comcast Corporation: Business and Financial Environment Introduction This paper will compare Comcast Corporation with DirecTV and Verizon Communications in terms of balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement with intent to identify the financial performance and to forecast the business environment of Comcast.


The company’s growth has considerably increased for the last few years. Secondly, DirecTV is a provider of American direct broadcast satellite service in California. The DirecTV’s satellite service was launched in 1994; it engages in the transmission of digital satellite television and audio mainly in the United States and Latin America. DirecTV had 19.2 million subscribers at the end of 2010. The third organization of choice, The Verizon Communications engages in broadband and telecommunications business globally; it is an element of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Financial position of Comcast While conducting a thorough scrutiny on the financial statements of the Comcast during the past several years, it is clear that the company is rapidly moving towards economic expansion. In 1995, the book value of a company’s share was $8.19 and it reached $15 per share in 2009. It shows that the company could double its price per share during this period of 14 years. An increase in share price is the direct indication of increased market demand for the Comcast’s services. ...
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