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Lastly, investor’s return on capital investment was closely taken into account. The report also provides sufficient grounds for investing in Billabong International Limited, and reasons for its dampened growth from prior years. Company Overview Billabong International Limited (BBG) was founded in 1973 in Queensland by Gordon Merchant. Billabong is known to produce surf wear, sport apparels and accessories for surfing, skate and snowboard. BBG has expanded its operations to more than 60 countries. It has expanded its distribution to states like Japan, United States of America and Europe. It has positioned itself for people with extreme love for sports like surfing and skating. BBG is used by people who desire to be identified with its image. It has been a leader in promoting its brand through sponsoring athletes and events. BBG has given stiff competition to its competitors like Quicksilver and Nike. In terms of geographic spread, BBG has a high advantage over Quicksilver as it is centered in USA in comparison to BBG which has spread its operations to Japan and Europe as well. Moreover, diversity due to huge geographic spread has been a basis of competitive advantage over Quicksilver. Quick’s earning has been seasonal but BBG has overcome this weakness by diversifying its operations to different geographic regions. BBG’s products are sold to around 2,600 surf and extreme sport shops worldwide. ...
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Executive Summary This report is aimed at analyzing Billabong International Limited (BBG)’s performance of last three years. The report covers analysis of six important factors which an investor needs to take into consideration before investing in a company…
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