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Historical Information about Minicomputers Before going into the discussion regarding different facts related to minicomputers, let us get a better understanding of what minicomputer actually is. Tatum (n.d.) states, “Minicomputers are computers that are somewhere in between a microcomputer and a mainframe computer”.


In recent history, minicomputers have been in use as servers of large networks. Thompson (n.d.) asserts, “Many servers operate under the same concept because programs are used to store and manipulate data much like mini computers do”. Some of the main tasks performed by minicomputers include word processing, internet browsing, database management, spreadsheet calculations, playing music and video games, and editing photographs (Carpenter, n.d.). Having discussed some history and usage of minicomputers, let us now discuss some important facts related to the minicomputers. A. Standalone System One of the main points regarding minicomputers is that they are generally standalone systems. Carpenter (n.d.) asserts, “Minicomputers, often called midrange servers, are standalone computer systems supporting more than one terminal or workstation”. Standalone systems provide many benefits to the users. These standalone systems provide facility to the users to perform big functions at a low cost. Another benefit of having a minicomputer is its inherent flexibility in performing different kinds of functions. Decentralized Computing “Databases could be operated in either centralized or distributed computing environment” (Umezurike, 2009). ...
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