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Running Head: MOD4 CASE: FINANCING ORGANIZATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Mod4 Case: Financing organizational technology Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name Abstract Even though management officials still use standard financial investment information and criteria for outsourcing decisions, the overall benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing are not only to be transferred directly to paper or monetary terms.


In this ever changing global business scenario, for a company to stay ahead of its competitors, there is a need to think out of the box, think slightly outside of the monetary profit that the company would get, and look objectively at what the company stands to gain or lose from their outsourcing decisions. FINANCING ORGANIZATIONAL TECHNOLOGY IT OUTSOURCING IN TODAY’S WORLD In today’s highly competitive business management scenario, outsourcing is the most effective way to decrease costs and overheads for more time-consuming and man hour depleting tasks for most companies. IT services such as call center services and e-mail are the tasks that are most commonly outsourced by companies. The main benefit of outsourcing is the fact that to most companies, outsourcing is a lot cheaper for them, because the companies they contract are dedicated to this task, so they charge less than what the companies might have to spend in order for them to do the tasks themselves. Also, it allows the company to focus its efforts and man power towards other objectives and problems that are more important. The management does not have to waste time on such menial tasks, and can turn their heads to more significant problems (Innes, Liu, Miller, 2008). ...
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