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Essay example - The Effectiveness of Internal Auditing in Saudi Arabian Local Government

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Finance & Accounting
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Internal audit is a requirement for all the organizations in King Abdullah Empire and as such, this research looks into internal audit efficiency in the local governments and zeroes in on the Al Sharqiyah emirate. …

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Variables used to measure the efficiency include the competence of the staff in the audit department, the size of the department, the independence and autonomy of the audit department, the management support of the audit process, relationship of the internal practitioners with the internal auditors and eventually, the relationship between the audit council and the auditing department (Kamrava, 2010).
The methodology used in the survey, archival and the conduction of the research involved the use of unstructured interviews (personalized and intercepted via telephone) and use of survey questionnaires, the respondents in this process included administrators form the Al Sharqiyah Municipal government and in this organization, the internal audit department will be fully utilized as a source of information, Correspondence with the governor or his handlers will be required to evaluate the efficiency of the operations in the local government and to have their opinion ad take on the role and importance of internal auditing in local government.
The analysis of the findings will help determine the level of comprehension of the practitioners and stakeholders of the audit process and importance and also gauge their efficiency in the implementation of the same. A review of their competence levels will be of prime importance since it will also indicate the nature of the workforce in the local government versus the kind of work they do which in turn will assist in the evaluation of their efficiency at work. ...
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