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RESEARCH REPORT ON FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC CRISIS Contents INTRODUCTION 2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 2 METHODOLOGY 2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE 3 The Theory of Financial Liberalization and the Washington Consensus 3 4 The Theory of Financial Liberalisation and Its Policy Implications 4 Moral Hazard 5 Stock Markets 5 The Causes and Effects of the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 6 The Effectiveness of Multilateral Institutions 7 The Causes of the 2008-2011 Global Financial Crises 8 Europe and the Financial Crisis 9 The Financial Crisis and the Developing World 9 ANALYSIS OF DATA 11 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION 13 Re-evaluating the Washington Consensus and Liberalisation 14 POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS 14 REFERENCES 1…


The weak economies of Asia were fragile to this system imposed by the institution of globalization led by the International Monetary Fund and this resulted to the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997. The United States and other developed countries also suffered a financial crisis which was mainly catapulted by the subprime chaos in 2007. This study would mainly explore the causes and effects of this crisis and would attempt to make policy recommendations. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To discuss and evaluate the theory of financial liberalization and the Washington Consensus and their failure; 2. To evaluate the causes and effects of the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997; 3. To analyze the effectiveness of multilateral institutions within the context of crises prevention and their role in the aftermath; 4. To identify early warning systems and methodologies that identify global imbalances that may be a precursor to crises; 5. To identify and evaluate the causes of the 2008-2011 Global Financial Crises; 6. ...
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