Globalization in Egypt and India

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Globalization in Egypt and India Name: Institution: Egypt Egypt was underwent globalization through colonization. During the pre-colonial period, Egypt was independent; it was not under any foreign influence. For this reason, Egypt was autonomous. During this period, Egypt’s economy and technology was not influenced by Europe’s.


With the invasion of foreigners in the 19th century, everything changed hands. Not only were local leaderships surrendered into the hands of Europeans, the Egyptian land was also taken (Khalid, 2009). During the colonial period, Egypt was transformed in that the education systems, farm-level irrigation projects, and economic growth were all improved. These were later left in the hands of Egyptians once they strove for independence that they attained (Mahmoud, 2009). India. Before globalization took place in India, the country was undeveloped. Technology was not much developed and business or commerce was relatively underdeveloped. In addition, people with skilled expertise were few. Internet and email facilities were altogether a dream but this was during that period when Indians used to be just one country and one culture. With time, Indians started experiencing foreign influence. Presently, India is culturally diversified. This has led into some of the impacts that come from different cultures. Almost sixteen per cent of universal population lives in India with over 826 languages. The country is growing and it has 225 cities. Those who took part in the globalization of India include Aryans, Turks, Greeks, Afghans, Muslims, Europeans, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and the English. ...
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