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Download 0 Student Name Course Name Introduction This research report contains the explanation of the factors that can affect the performance of any cyber multinational organization. These factors include the transfer pricing, taxation and the role of corporate social responsibility.


In third part of this report, the affects of corporate social responsibility and reporting on are examined and discussed properly. Finally a short conclusion is also made at the end of this report. Shot Introduction of is operating as a largest cyber selling company in modern cyber environment. started their business by selling their first book in 1995. At that time the main aim of amazon is based on a dream to develop a new trend in e-commerce. After the great success of this business Amazon now have selling every kind of products and have many sites those are serving efficiently in seven countries. The working of Amazon is an art not a science. They are dealing in lots of products. The main art of capturing the cyber market is multi-level e-commerce strategy. Due to this strategy, anyone sell almost anything using the platform of The another main key factor for the success of is their efficient data based system which has also ranked in the top three world largest Linux data base system in 2005. Tranfer pricing and Taxation is operating under the strategy of multi-level e-commerce and has a large number of department and websites those specializes in different kinds of products. On the other hand has their costumers all over the world. ...
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